The gadget has to be paid for before configuration and fitting.

We give warranty of one year against factory faults. Please note that this will not apply if Cema motors technicians did not fit the tracker or if handled by anyone else apart from us or fitted with other parts or programs not supplied by us.

After one year warranty the client can enter into a quarterly service contract at Kshs 1000 per service excluding parts needing replacement.

The client can do their own tracking using a mobile handset. To view the actual location, the phone must be a smart phone or a PDA able to link to Google maps.

The computer software to track through the internet enabled computer/laptop costs $ 2,500

Charges to use Cema motors server and to give reports will depend on intervals and number of cars

We offer; Daily Report (15,000 per year), Weekly Report, Monthly Report.

Other Options:-

Fuel monitoring


Other depend on options e.g. Keypad, Code scan, RFID Reader.

Contact Us for prices and more details.