GPS/GPRS Models are web based and need software to run them. They do have our basic functions as mentioned and do use SMS commands


  1. Stop GPS and GPRS update function automatically when vehicle is parked. This is to saves too much GPRS flux and power being used.
  2. Call to activate GPRS connection function automatically.
  3. Stop GPS and GPRS update function automatically (Save too much GPRS flux and power!)
  4. If the vehicle is idling the device will send location to the server once every 3 minutes. If vehicle is switched off the device sends location data to the server once or twice in 10 minutes intervals the mainframe will be in dormancy, which save too much GPRS flux and power.

  5. Call to activate GPS/GPRS Connection function!
  6. If GPRS and GPS are in off status, and the ACC starts again or any call dial the device, it will be activated and connected to the server automatically and resume to send GPS data. Users can setup time interval to send data freely (from 5 seconds to 65,535 seconds).
  7. Real-time Monitoring
  8. Since the main communication of the system are GPRS and the Internet. it makes GPS products to have uninterrupted monitoring and implementation for the second time in the car, GPS control center can achieve real-time traffic monitoring.
  9. GPS Orientation, GPS receiver will output a complete position
  10. Automatic Report Position/Status:-
  11. Data content: vehicle status, ACC status, time, longitude latitude, speed,direction, alarm information, fuel status.
    1. Intelligent moving report (no less than 20 Seconds, no higher than 5000 seconds when moving).
    2. Intelligent stopping report (Automatic at every 3 minutes when stopping).
  12. Engine running time recording
  13. Triggered by 6-16 volt input, Can record the time up to 99999 hours exact to seconds.
  14. History data store even when GPRS is unavailable as a percentage and / or graph.
  15. History Playback.
  16. Can replay the status of the tracked vehicle e.g. moving route, speed, time.
  17. Remotely modify vehicle setup.
  18. Geo-fence can be configured up to three areas.
  19. Automatically keeps GPRS alive.
  20. Domain name setting.


  1. Speaker and Monitor
  2. Fuel monitoring.
  3. Can also be viewed in curve form.

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