Intruder Alarm Systems

MMS and Video Recording Alarm System

This product is multi-functional with PIR, photo-taking, video recording and MMS. Once anybody enters into the defense zones it will:-
  1. Automatically take scene photos and send to mobile phones for alarm in real time;
  2. Record the real-time video as proof for later checking. When you are not at home.
  3. Can be controlled via SMS.
  4. Take scene photos and send them to mobiles via MMS.
  5. It’s widely used for homes, shops, garages, financial rooms and other important places.

    System introduction and functions.

    1. Detect illegal intruder by built-in PIR detector;
    2. Built-in 300,000 pixels night vision camera;
    3. Can connect with 50 wireless detectors;
    4. Timing ARM / DISARM with 5 time periods and 3 date models ;
    5. Can send SMS or MMS to 6 mobile numbers via GSM;
    6. Can send scene photos to 6 E-mail addresses via GSM;
    7. Auto dial the numbers 5 times circularly, and starts to record for 1-9 minutes.
    8. Support Max 8GB Micro SD Card to save photos and videos;
    9. Can arm / disarm / listen-in / intercom / take photo remotely via SMS or call;
    10. Can set various functions and inquire about the settings via SMS or phone;
    11. Can recognize the alarming zones by SMS content;
    12. Can set MMS website and IP;
    13. Can edit alarming message content of every zone by SMS.
    14. Other Systems

      1. Wireless P.I.R Detector - Motion Detecting, wall-installed.
      2. P.I.R Detector - Sharp white-light resistence.
      3. Wireless PIR sensor with pet immune - pet immune function, anti pet with weight below 12KG.
      4. Wired P.I.R Detector - Wired intelligent Passive Infrared Ray, adopt close Finil lenticular technology, avoid fauls alarm. Can support Pet-proof.
      5. Wired P.I.R detector (Microwave) - Wired microwave Passive Infrared Ray.
      6. Ceiling P.I.R Detector. - Celling-installed. PIR motion detection.
      7. Door Guard (say hello to customers) - Greeting alarm when someone pass by.
      8. Support Max 8GB Micro SD Card to save photos and videos.
      9. Wired/wireless Smoke Alarm - Detect smoke;Ion technology for fire-proof.
      10. Wired/wireless Gas Detector/Alarm - Can detect CO. LPG,natural gas.
      11. Wireless Shutter Door Sensor - For scrolling shutter door use.
      12. Wired Door Gap Detector - For doors and windows, detecting the open/close of doors or windows.
      13. Wireless Door/window Gap Detector - For doors and windows, detecting the open/close of doors or windows.
      14. Mini Siren -
        • 110 dB wired siren.
        • For YL-007K,YL-007FX,YL-007 I,YL-007JX use.
      15. Big wireless outdoor horn -
        • Wireless connection with control panel.
        • For YL-007K,YL-007FX,YL-007 I,YL-007JX use.
      16. Wired indoor siren with flash - For indoor use, 110dB,fit for any control panel except YL-007M3 and M4.
      17. Wireless indoor siren with flash - For indoor/outdoor use, 110dB,fit for any control panel.
      18. Glass Sensor -
        • Will alarm when glass is broken or shaken.
        • Wireless signal sending to control panel.
      19. Signal Repeater -
        • Signal tranfer, extend the distance between wireless sensors with control panel.
        • Remote arm/disarm,wireless signal transfer within 200m to 500meters.
      20. Wireless Switch(One way output) -
        • One-way output, can switch lights off /on remotely.
        • Can control home appliances.
      21. Wireless Switch(Four-way output) -
        • Four way to output, can work with any of our remote controller with four key.
        • Suitable: door, window, switch, security.
      22. Stand alone Door Alarm - Can alarm stand alone.
      23. Anti-lost/thief Alarm -
        • Burglarproof, sensitivity adjusted within 0--25 meters.
        • Three colors available: black,white, green.
      24. Outdoor infrared baluster(two bundles).
      25. Infrared protection baluster(Two bundles ).
      26. Remote Controller-
        • Remote control control panel to make sensors work/stop working, for emergency help.
        • Control distance: < 80m(outdoor).
      27. Panic Button -
        • for emergency help, suituable for elderly, patients.
        • Control distance: < 80m(outdoor).